Saturday, March 21, 2009


Just wanted to share this.....I've been cleaning up my "wool" room since I got back from vacation. Kenny snapped this picture of me today and when I pulled it up, I thought it was worth sharing.....I think I look happy here....happy to be getting a little more organized, so I can spend more time hooking.

Notice the sweatshirt, Toto, we're not in Florida anymore! Can you tell that my hair is getting longer on the top?


  1. You do look happy ~ how's the sunburned feet doing? Happy Spring Blessings, Katie

  2. I think if someone took a picture of me cleaning up, I wouldn't look as happy as you do. ha! But, I surely will be smiling when I am completely done! Let's see...that'll be in about 2020!!!

  3. There's nothing like a happy hooker wallowing in wool! Now you have to do your taxes!:)

    Looks like you had a fabulous vacation: sun, yoga on the beach, Polly Minik, and Julie from Searsport -- a rug hooker's dream vacation. I'm jealous!


  4. I know what you're going thru with your hair. I always have had a short spunky's longer now though....I keep THINKING I'm going to grow it a little longer and try a new style, but honestly, I'm ready to to my hairdresser and tell her to spunk me up again! The length is weighing me down!

    You do look happy organizing the wool room! Can't wait to see what you start hooking next! :o)

  5. Hey Tammy.....I've been actually doing the same thing today. Trying to organize. Between wool and all that goes with I have out paints, paper, doodads,etc. I may have to build a treehouse out back and move in (did you see those fab ones in the paper today?).

  6. You are so pretty & do look very happy. It sounds like your vacation was divine!

    Hey Tammy, I'm gonna be in Eureka Springs in June... will you? It will be great to meet up with you again!