Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Florida pics

One of our days in Florida we went garage saling and to thrift stores, junk stores and the like....I got a cute pair of sandals and a piece of Hagar pottery that I brought home to Kenny. Oh yeah, a vintage sewing book and an old book of music that I'm going to use in my journaling.....soooo, no pictures from that day, but some fun finds!
On Saturay, Patti and I went to a few more beaches. We headed to Venice Beach, but couldn't find a place to park, so we headed a little further to the North Jetty
(the North Jetty is that little piece of land that sticks out there)

and ended up on Nokomis Beach. I guess, because it was Saturday, there were LOTS of people at the beach. Old, young, fat, skinny, it was a great place to people watch.
There was one young family next to us that had 4 or 5 kids ranging from an infant to 7 or 8 years that is bravery! The kids were so fun to watch!

(you can see Patti in the surf skimming for shells and shark's teeth)
I really loved watching this little girl.....she was sooooo "in the moment"

One of my favorite things about this beach was that the sand was tiny pieces of pretty!

After we left Nokomis, we headed back to Venice beach and found a place to park....we looked and looked for shark's teeth, but came up empty handed. The sand on Venice beach was a lot more black than the other beaches we went to. Interesting how you can go not very far and the shells and sand are so different from beach to beach.

Another perfect day

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