Tuesday, March 3, 2009

He needs to stay a bachelor

OMG! I can't believe I watched this whole season of "The Bachelor" thinking that Jason was such a nice guy....what a JERK-WAD!.....of course I'll be watching tonight for the next installment of "After the Rose"......yes, I'm sick!!!!


  1. FICKLE ~ THAT BOY IS VERY FICKLE!! I don't ever watch the show but I did last night because of all the hype!! Oh, my ~ I remember now why I don't!! He's so cute ~ but that night be all he's got going for him!!!

  2. I meant 'might' ~ not night! But you probably knew that!

  3. I think he is a very weak person that needs someone to tell him what to do. Did you catch the look on his face when Molly first told him she thought he made a mistake? It was like "Oh my gosh, did I?" (Then he proceeded to propose to the other girl). I think that remark by Molly was what kept ringing through his empty head.

  4. Tammy - I have one word for Miss Molly -- "RUN!!!!" Melissa was lucky he cut her lose before they got married . . . did you see that sweet little thing on Dancing with the Stars? Good for her -- now Molly needs to wise up -- just where is that grl's mother!!??

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