Saturday, March 7, 2009


Today I'm EbUlLiEnT!!!!

I thought I was coming down with some sort of ick, because Tuesday I woke up not feeling well and then Wednesday I started feeling worse and then on Thursday night I started coughing.....OH NO! Say it isn't sooooooo! I can't be sick! I'm going on vacation on Tuesday to see my friend Patti in Florida.....tell me this is not happening!!!
Friday I left work early and went to the doctor.

He checked me out and said "it's allergies"....."probably snuck up on you because it's been soooo cold and then all of a sudden we're in the 70's". Went by the pharmacy and picked up more of my Flonase and Zyrtec. Took it when I got home.....forgot how drowsy the Zyrtec makes me feel when I'm not used to taking it......slept for 12 hours.
Now I'm feeling EbUlLiEnT this morning!!!!
The pictures are from my "visual journal" that I'm working on for "The Welcome Mat".
Go forth and be creative,

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  1. It's wonderful to hear of someone so full of life!!! Love your journal page and the header on your blog ~ I think it's from your journal also!! I check in on it and you are going great guns!!