Friday, November 7, 2008


I got home last night from work and my husband, Kenny, said he had a million things he wanted to do and wasn't able to get many of them done.

I asked if he was feeling "unsettled" and he said, yes, exactly....Then I told him how I had written about that on my blog yesterday.

So, this morning as I was blog surfing I found an article by Jennifer about election hang-over.

As I was reading her post I came across this.......

Then in my writer’s group last night, Margaret said, “I couldn’t settle today. I kept feeling something should happen.” That made me feel less alone. Which is always good.

and this

Let’s start exhaling now.
Let’s exhale our shared hope in small and vital ways and start preparing the way for the new year. Let’s work on our courage and resilience and vision so we’re ready to be part of the change. Let’s clear out the old within ourselves, our habits, our beliefs so we can have the energy and courage to help.
Because watching history being made on Tuesday, I kept thinking, “I want to be that great, too.” Which may sound flamingly ego-mad crazy but isn’t that what great leadership and authentic hope can do, inspire us toward our own greatness?
Let’s begin to ask my favorite question from
Viktor Frankl, “What purpose can I make of my life today?” Let’s ask it everyday. Not to find the answer but to allow the question to guide us. (You know I love questions!)

Next I go to Jacque's blog and low and behold she's talking about getting stuff done. Crafting stuff! And she's listed all kinds of great tips. Making lists and giving yourself completion dates.......

Here is my craft list in order of importance:
1) Sew hanger on the back of my Vintage Turkey rug so it can hang in celebration of be completed Saturday. *completed*

2) fix 2 Halloween dolls that my sweet Lonnie has be completed Saturday. *completed*

3) Finish Halloween hooking into a be completed Saturday. *complete*

4) Put these Halloween items up in the attic in their appropriate be completed Saturday. *complete*

5) Finish hooking "red" pillow and sew it all be completed by November 22.

6) Finish hooking "going in circles" be completed by December 15.

Now here is my list for home improvements.

1) Finish stripping paint, repaint and have beadboard put on ceiling in utility room....before Thanksgiving day.

Okay, now we'll see how far I get on this list. Even if I can get it all finished by the end of the month...that would be awesome....can't wait to get started!

Go forth and be creative,


  1. I am usually a list maker, and haven't done it in a while. Perhaps that's just what I need right now! I'm not getting anywhere. Thanks Tammy...

  2. Hey got some things done! So did I!!! YAY. If my tips helped, I'm so happy! They help me, for sure. How are you hanging your turkey rug? Man, I love that one. AND, by the way, been meaning to tell seems as if Lonnie was meant to be with you...sure seems to have fit right in. Happy for you!