Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mutt Like Me

As I get up this morning and start gathering my supplies to start making the Vintage Turkey rug "hangable" the computer calls out to me.....turn me on, turn me on.......I obey I scan the top headlines I see this.

He makes me smile to poke fun at himself and let people know that they are going to try and adopt a shelter puppy.....that would SOOO make my day!!! A person with a high profile bringing shelter adoptions into the spotlight.

Go forth and be creative,

***And before anyone gets all bent out of shape....I've read he's already called Nancy and apologized for his seance comment.


  1. That is one breath taking tree on your blog header gal! I so hope they adopt a shelter puppy ~ such a role model for our nation of consumers who only want the perfectly breed animal. Love, Katie

  2. I KNEW you'd be jumping up and down with gladness about the possiblity of a shelter dog in the White House!