Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Friday was anything but black for was joyous!
I got to sleep in with both of the dogs snuggled up next to me, then we got up...I had a little coffee and then played on the computer for a while.

That is where I came across this website. You can take your pictures and cartoon-ize them....that is how I made my banner....I could spend hours playing on there!!!!

Here are a few pictures that I played around with of Cleopatra.

Then you can take your pictures and have them put on coffee mugs, t-shirts and the like.....hmmmm....thinking that these might make good Christmas gift ideas!

Another site I came across was Rust-Tex.

I was "googling" how to do image transfers and came across her site....very interesting....something I might one to try one day....not quite NOW, but in the future. Look at the wonderful things she makes! Rust on fabric...who knew?!

I did finally find some info on transfering images
here using soap flakes and turpentine....has anyone ever done it this way? I'm wanting to put some vintage images on some onesies for a friend who is having twin girls. I have the transfer paper, but thought this might give a softer look.
I also put out our Nativity scene, Kenny and I took the dogs on a long walk in the dark to look at Christmas lights (not too many up yet) and then spent the rest of the day and evening hooking, nibbling on left-overs and watching "Michael Clayton"

.....such a great day!

Go forth and be creative,



  1. ohhhhhh Tammy!!! I love what you did with those photos...and your banner is AWESOME!!! I'll have to check out that site...thanks!

    Isn't "Michael Clayton" a good movie? Gotta love that George Clooney!

    Glad you had a great day.

  2. I love your new banner.You always come up with the coolist pictures on you blog.

  3. Tammy, the cartoonize website is awesome!!! Just think what we could do with rug making and our own photographs!!! I have been wanting to try a self portrait. This would make it sooo easy. Thanks for the heads up. Vicki is right, you always have such cool stuff for us to see. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  4. Tammy thanks for posting the link to that site - i've been having fun making "cartoons" out of my husband, Miles and Riley - even my husband got a giggle out of some of them! Too cute! Love your blog - it's always so inspiring!