Thursday, November 6, 2008


I find myself today at work, but really having lots of thought swirling around in my mind like leaves falling from the tree and into a gust of wind.

I have so many things that I want/need to do but I find myself procrastinating on ALL of them.

Why is that?

I can't seem to finish ANY tasks lately.....I start one and then think of something else that I want to start. I'm afraid not to start on the new project for fear that I will forget it, but the chaos that I'm creating for myself in my home and in my mind is making me a bit crazy.

I have a Halloween hooking that STILL needs to be made into a pillow. I have a rug that needs binding put on. Another rug to finish hooking and two Halloween dolls that need to be repaired before they are put away. I also have a Thanksgiving turkey who needs his foot sewn up.

See, not all of these tasks are huge....none of them are really. The only huge task I face is stripping the paint in the utility room, which, like everything else I've started and then left undone.

What do you do when you get like this?

Or DO you get like this?

Other things I'd like to start....a wool garland of leaves and acorns and a multi-media leaf pillow.

I can see these things so clearly in my mind.

Suggestions anyone?

Go forth and be creative,



  1. We need a support group!!! Maybe we should start a "to do and done" club! Take a picture of a "to do" and within a week, show a picture of it "done"!!!

  2. too. I feel stuck, stymied, and stalled. It's not the greatest of feelings, it's frustrating and annoying to not be accomplishing anything at the moment. BUT. I do know that moments like this mean that a big creative spurt is on it's way, there's always the calm before the storm. So, sometimes I sit and wait it out, while trying to do those small things - maintenance things that simply need completion knowing that something big is on it's way.

  3. This was me last week Tammy! What I normally do when I'm stuck like this is... set aside a block of time to just START one of the lingering projects. Then, turn on some of your favorite MUSIC! Sit down, take a deep breath to clear your mind and nerves... and go to it!!! I find that the hardest part is just getting started sometimes and soon enough progress will follow! Honestly... music has saved me many of times!

  4. DO i get like this? LOL That is my LIFE! I know i go thru waves, where there is soo much creativity you can't keep up or work fast enough!! And there are other times, where there are things you want to finish, but the motivation is no where in sight! And then.. there are times (like right now) where you are sooo overwhelmed with all that you need to do, you just want to curl up under a rock with a good book! hahaha! And forcing myself to get "just this one things" done, then moving onto the next thing. Slow but sure. :(
    And in time like that, i just force myself to finish at least one thing each day. And sometimes i'm lucky and get a few done! LOL
    Good luck sweety! This too shall pass!! :D