Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Can

How exciting! This was one of my favorite parts of President Elect Obama's speech last night.

And good news for the animals in California....I hope this is a trend that will spread across our nation. Prop 2 passed!!!!


  1. Yes, Tammy, it is a good day. Did you hear what Bill Bradley said about Obama?

    So great.


  2. SO nice that you got to see and hear Obama! It felt like the whole energy of the nation changed last night!
    let me know how those acorns turn out!

  3. this country is in need of change and obama will deliver on that i think. i just hope people realize that it is going to more than one term to turn it around.

    i was beyond pleased that proposal 2 passed in california. i could hug all those people that passed it. i was more concerned with that proposal (and the greyhound one in Mass i belive) that i was with my own states proposals. luckily they all went with my way of thinking.