Friday, November 9, 2007

Thanksgiving crafts

make this wreath here

I don't know if I've said on here just how much I love Thanksgiving. It really is the perfect stress....just some cooking and sitting around with family and friends being thankful.

That being said, I kind of have a thing for turkeys.

The other day while perusing the net I found this knitted turkey dishcloth that I've started knitting with the help of my friend Patti.
Patti has shown me how to do continental knitting and I must say that it is sooooo wonderful!!
I wish I was one of those psycho knitters who could knit up one for everyone who was going to be at Thanksgiving with me, but I know that is not going to happen....perhaps I could possibly make for me and then maybe have a drawing for one of my guests....that would be kind of fun!!

If you want the free instructions for this project click here.

I'm also working on another knitted project using left-over wool worms from my hooking....I REALLY hope to have it finished this weekend and have pictures to share with you.

Don't worry....I haven't stopped hooking....I have new pictures that I will share with you tomorrow!

Go forth and be creative,

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  1. Love it Tammy!...isn't it amazing what two needles and some yarn can create?