Wednesday, November 21, 2007

All cookin' hookin'

All cookin' no hookin'!
Okay, you sure won't hear me say THAT very often!!!

Every year I host Thanksgiving for my family and my husband's family. Everyone brings a dish but there are still soooo many things to cook!

Today was my assembly day.....

So tonight in the fridge I have:

cranberry-pineapple salad (one of my VERY FAVORITE recipes from my Aunt Joanne)

pumpkin-pear bread pudding (this is a new recipe that I'm trying out this husband ADORES bread pudding.....we'll see if it's a keeper or not)

dressing (basic cornbread dressing.....not stuffing.....feel weird about putting stuff inside a raw bird and then eating it....just grosses me out actually.....dressing is on the side)

a smoked turkey AND a ham

glazed pearl onions a la Martha Stewart (why oh why didn't I try another grocery to see if they had these frozen and already peeled......yes, I peeled them all myself....what a pain!)

yummy sweet potato casserole (not MY favorite thing.....actually can't stand it, but as lots of the relatives just HAVE to have icky sweet sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving.....I prefer mine baked or roasted with just a little butter, salt and pepper. This concoction has sugar, brown sugar, pecans....the works of icky sweetness)

I think that's it.

Oh yeah...I cheat and use those rolls from Mrs. Rhodes....gotta get up at 5am to get those crazy things out to thaw and rise!

Yes, ALL of those things have to be baked in the oven tomorrow except the cranberry salad and the pearl onions.....I do have double ovens, but they are from the 50's so they are not large like the ones in a lot of people's homes today......have I mentioned we are having our kitchen remodeled come the first of the year.....YAY!

Wish me luck at being able to keep everything warm until it's time to eat!

Counting my blessings that I am fortunate to be surrounded by friends and family at my home for a bountiful meal.

Go forth and be thankful,



  1. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Hey Tammy...sounds like a LOT of great food! Could you send me the recipe for the cranberry/pineapple salad? Hope you had a great day...we're having our family feast on Saturday.

  3. Tammy - I've been using Rhodes rolls for years and years - they're a local company here in Utah and DELISH!