Saturday, November 24, 2012

Everyday life


Brrrrr….it’s chilly here this morning, but even with the

chilliness, Kenny’s camellia in the backyard has bloomed…

and he was afraid it wouldn’t bloom here in Missouri,

since it is more of a southern plant.  So nice to have

a bright surprise in the backyard!


I got up this morning to take Buzzbee to the vet

to have his ears checked out….yet again….

He has had treatment for yeast ear infection 3 times

since we’ve adopted him….it’s been hard to get rid of.


So I got Lonnie and Buzzbee all loaded up in the car

this morning…

(Lonnie LOVES to go to the vet and doesn’t like to

be left behind) and pulled out of the garage and

thought to myself “something doesn’t feel right”….

well, I got out and I was right…..

flat tire…..ah man!

I proceeded to unload the dogs one at a time and get

them loaded into the pick-up truck and off we went.


Buzzbee still had a few yeast buds in his ears, but

he’s now on a weekly ear treatment, to hopefully

keep it under control.


All of these pictures of the dogs were taken

the day after Thanksgiving. I was tooling around the

house, doing laundry, taking down decorations,

and so forth.


I noticed that the dogs had been really quiet….

sure enough…they were passed out.


Lonnie prefers to sleep on my side of the bed in

the sunbeam where he can look out the windows.


Buzzbee had dug the blankets back to try and bury

his new favorite toy, “The Beaver”


Hey Buzzbee, we can still see him!

I should totally document all of the places where he

has tried to hide “The Beaver”….it reminds me of this



  1. Buzzbee and Lonnie appear to be in slumber heaven. Ben got a yeast infection during the hot humid summer which required a couple visits and a regimine of medicine as well. Since your dogs' ears are longer and ear canal more covered expect it is even more of a problem for that breed than a Rottweiler.

    I'll bet he feels better already without shaking his head as much as before...... thus a nice restful sleep.


  2. Oh Tammy,
    Those photos are just precious! Makes me want to jump right in bed with those two and snuggle!!! I'm so glad Buzzbee is getting good treatment for the ear infection. It's good to stay on top of it!
    Tell Kenny that flower is the most gorgeous thing! To see something like that bloom this time of year must be awesome! He is the magical gardener for sure!!
    Great post!!
    Cathy G

  3. Tammy ~
    Great pooch pics. Buzzbee is lucky to have you!
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Those two fur kids sure are having the good life. Why lay on the floor when you can sleep and sunbath in the comfort of a soft bed for as long as they want....

    That Camellia sure is pretty and full of buds. I hope that you'll see more blooms for a while. I hope that kenny covers it at night when the temperature drops.

    Have a great wekend Tammy.


  5. A flat tire is never fun to discover because we always seem to discover it just when we are ready to go somewhere. Good thing that you had an alternate plan.

  6. Awwww...... don't you kind of just love the day after Thanksgiving (without the shopping part)? Those boys are my absolute favorite! I'm going to start a new "little" hooking project, hopefully today. More later.