Sunday, November 11, 2012

It’s here!

Look what came in

the mail this weekend….


I think I’ll let the dogs entertain themselves,

while I look through it!


In this video, you can see the boys

playing with their new raccoon toy that

Sheri brought over.  It’s still intact!


  1. Those boys are the sweetest! I'm ready to hook.... don't know what, but ready! I'm going to work on a design this week. Maybe we can get together and dye someday?

  2. So glad the boys liked their new toys! They seem so mellow playing compared to Jimmie Dean~he's Wild!!
    My neighbor told me about a little 2 year old long haired dachshund that needs a home~a little 5 pounder. Sounds like a good friend for JD. I'm going to let Mickey and JD meet her before I even mention that she needs a new home! She'll be here the weekend of Thanksgiving. I really hope they love her. Her name is Sammy. I think JD needs a playmate, don't you?
    talk to you soon, xo,Sheri