Saturday, November 3, 2012



Who knew free speech could piss off so many people?

Well, okay, perhaps I did know that posting about
my presidential preference

was going to piss people off.

Perhaps I’m to a point in my life where I feel comfortable

being who I am and believing what I believe and not giving

a care if people “like” me or “don’t” because of what I


I have friends and family members who are voting for Romney,

and yes, believe it or not….we get along….we have different opinions,

different values, but we also have something called respect.

We can agree to disagree.

Yes, I know the economy has been in the crapper.

But things are coming around….

Are things at my house better off than 4 years ago?

I can honestly say yes.  My husband went from working

1-3 days a week at the post office to getting on full

time. I’ve gone from working full-time and selling wool

locally and on-line and teaching classes to just working

full-time (my choice).

Prices at the grocery store continue to rise….I see that,

but I’ve also opened my eyes and started shopping at the

local farmers market and getting better food and supporting

my local economy.


A little mom and pop grocery store in our

town went out of business this year….due to a Wal-Mart

“Neighborhood Market” opening up down the street.


(sign on the meat case that locals signed at Smillie’s )

Yes, I know Wal-Mart is “cheap”, but is it really supporting

the local economy? 


We have to learn how to be good stewards of our local economies,

we need to look at the big picture.


Invest in things that are real,

believe in things that are real.


Don’t buy houses that you can’t afford,

don’t buy into lifestyles that you can’t afford.


Vote to move forward,

not backward.


Live real.

Vote real.

Once again, this is MY blog, if you want to visit,

I’m happy to have you here. I mainly blog about rug hooking,

my dogs, my husband’s garden, and sometimes recipes.

I rarely blog about politics, (I did blog about them

4 years ago during election time), however,

I feel that this election is very important and I’m surprised

that more bloggers aren’t stating their opinions on

their own blogs.


  1. That poster is one of the best elections posters I've seen. Simple, to the point, no opponent bashing, and it's ALL TRUE!


  2. YES, YES, YES, AND YES. 'NUFF SAID. ... jan

  3. I love that poster Tammy with a great message.

    Freedom is our God given right. Even God let us choose freely and never force His will on anyone. I can't understand that Anonymous blogger getting so annoyed at your own opinion on your own blog....

    The economy has bad and all the natural disasters has taken place in the recent years have taken it's toll to add on to the burden of inheriting an already huge debt deficit when Obama took over and people were loosing their jobs and there were foreclosure on mortgages and dealing with the war. What I don't understand is why people don't realize that it takes times to change things around.
    People are so unrealistic.

    Take care, I'm glad that Anonymous id gone.

  4. I meant, the economy has been bad

  5. Since when is thinking and speaking up something to fear? Let's get noisy out there. It's patriotic!

  6. I tend to be conservative and vote accordingly, although I was a McGovern Democrat in college! I'm also unapologetically prolife, but I believe people should be respectful of others opinions, so I support your right to have your own opinions AND voice them! I have friends who disagree with me on politics and religion and I love them as people and friends! That's the way it should be!

  7. Wow is right. I went back and looked at the comments. I applaud you for speaking your mind. It is your blog. Cheers.

  8. I, too, feel this election is very important, but we will just have to agree to disagree! The majority of people here in northern Ohio are not better off than they were fours years ago! Your hubby is very lucky. In our area, postal workers who work at the counter are having their hours cut or are being transferred.
    God Bless America!

  9. well said Tammy! I agree Obama is working hard for the right things. thanks, Laura

  10. Tammy: I love that saying from Dr. Suess. Thanks for that. I had seen this recently: "what other people think of you is none of your business"...and love that, also. The poster really does say it all. I am not without heart, and feel terrible about all the people suffering hard times; I only wish they would realize that one man didn't create this mess and he could only begin to try to unscramble it in four years.
    And thank you for the mention of WalMart. Our society has become addicted to cheap goods and throw away electronics, which is what those chains are great for. If we paid Americans to make those same goods, it would be a much different story, wouldn't it. The same with cheap clothing. Very little is manufactured here in the US anymore because of our insatiable desire for low price items. It's a real mess, and I am not sure if we can ever get ourselves out of the tangle of it all, frankly.

  11. Bless you for saying what I cannot (even to my parents)! I live in an area where there are no Obama signs in yards and I have to resist the urge to pull all the other signs out of the ground. My almost 99 year-old grandfather said a week before he died "Why do Americans elect a popular president and then proceed to fight his every move." Let's re-elect him and get the heck out of his way so we can enjoy his leadership. It is a new thing for us to have a thinking man, a true family man as president.

  12. Some of us just kept quiet.....out of respect for you!!!!!! It had nothing to do with pissing anyone off. That's what's wrong with our politics. In this world we have - our beloved United States - we ALL have to get along no matter what our beliefs. Due to the state we are in, we MUST work matter who the President is.

    Like you........I detest Wal-Mart and what it does to the Mom and Pop's!

    Look how boring we would be if we were all alike.

    To me.......zipping my big mouth.......was RESPECT.

  13. I was amazed by the comments "anonymouns" - what is up with that? We are intelligent enough to respect each other's opinions. Freedom and the gift of choice are great things!