Monday, November 19, 2012


I guess it was over a month ago, that Dulcy and I went to the

FM Store to look at fabric


for me to slipcover a computer chair in our

spare room.  The chair was functional, but the upholstery had gotten grimy

and no amount of cleaning seemed to help.


I’ve had the fabric lying around in my hooking room and I’d just been

waiting for a weekend where I had the time and inclination

to get started on the project…..inclination, being the key word here.

I’m not a sewer by nature, but I’m always up to a challenge.

After all, I did make these slipcovers for our barstools this summer….

Those were challenging because of the curved backs….

now on the office chair I have arms to contend with.

I started off with the easy part….the front and back….

so far so good!


Can’t wait to show you the finished chair…..

stay tuned!

1 comment:

  1. Wow but you sure are energetic. I love the color of the fabric too and can't wait to see the spiffy new look.

    Happy Thanksgiving.