Saturday, December 1, 2012


Do you have a friend that you can just be your

goofball self around?


That would be myself and Sheri last night at

TJ Maxx in Branson trying on winter hats….

I actually bought the one I had on, plus one more.

We shut down TJ Maxx at 10pm and then headed

to Target to get Kenny more Christmas lights that they

are out of at our Target store. (We shut down Target

at 11pm)

We both laughed that it was the latest either of us

had stayed out in quite a while.

I LOVE hats, and even after going through my

winter hat collection the other night, I thought I

had room for a few more……yes, last night,

2 hats AND a furry headband! Can’t wait for the

weather to get a little chillier so I can start wearing them!


Here is another “goofball” picture.

Me and “the boys”….they were both piled on

my lap and this is the best picture I could get.

My arms just aren’t long enough to get all

of us in the picture any better than that!


So what were we doing in Branson? I mean, we have

our own TJMaxx right here in Springfield?!

It was the “Farmgirl Sisters Cottage Christmas” sale.

This is the first time we’d been.  They have a sale 3 times a year.

Wow, was it fun!

I’m still in “liquidation” mode, but I did pick up some embroidered

flour sack towels to use around the kitchen.


Sheri made a much larger haul than I did!

Stamps, spice rack, easel, and I can’t remember

what else!


Love the old lampshade with the paper butterflies!


I have been hooking, just a teeny bit, but recently

I’ve found myself pulled in different directions.

A few things that have my attention right now…

Opened up an account so I can “play” the stock

market…..haven’t made any purchases, but have

had fun researching different companies.  This is

something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time

and I’m loving the “learning” side of it.

I’ve really let my healthy eating slide over the past

few months and I felt like I needed to do something

“different” to shake things up, so I signed up for

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” a few days ago.

I’m still working on reading through the plan and working

on my own plan…..made up my meal plan this morning

and will head to the gym in just a bit.

Hate going, but like it once I get there!

I’ve also been looking at cars….Volkswagen

Eos hardtop convertible is at the top of my list.

Looking for a used one at a good price.

Wouldn’t the hounds be “stylin” with their

ears flapping in the breeze next to me?!


  1. You two look like sisters having a lot of fun being together. Maybe twins with the sam hats.
    You could come down here if you like it colder. It was -8 Celcius this morning. 17.6 degree F. I think that it's cold enough for your type of hats although it's supposed to warm up some.
    Have fun weekend decorating for Christmas.

  2. You two look darling in your hats! I'm not aware of the Farm Girl sale in Branson, but sounds like fun. Also, LOVE the VW! Used can be hard to find when it's a new model. I looked for quit a while before I found my black bug. I'm hooking a new little mat and loving it. Tiny, and all hand cutting.... no where to put it, etc. But using only scraps.. although I did buy some white fleece from Joanne's for snow. Cuts and hooks great!

  3. I love Sheri. know I love you too.
    But I love Sheri and her "weirdness". Sometimes we parallel......(it's scary).
    I loved the hats!!!!!
    Love the red car! Remember, I drive a little red sportscar too. I have one thing to say - BUY IT!!!!! In RED!!!!!!!!

    Now......I have a question. I am wondering why you like hooking rugs "off-kilter". You like doing this. I can tell. Why do you do it? Your "artistic slant"??????

  4. Love the hat. and that red car...would love to have that but the weather here is too unpredictable. I have to say we must be kindred spirits because I just took over my stocks from the bank so I can do them myself. It's a crazy learning curve by I just did my first stock buy. It's fun. Cheers

  5. How wonderful and Fun!! Love the hats!!

  6. Hey girl! Finally taking a break from baking to read my fav blogs. We sure did have a great night, didn't we?
    I have got to quit shopping and start Saving too! I'm afraid I'm a long way from the stock market though. Just a little nest egg would be a fine start for this hoarder!!!
    Cleaning our bedroom today and more holiday baking. I salivated over a Kitchen Aid stand mixer last night at Target (closed it down last night too!) I'm using an OLD Sunbeam Mixmaster that wobbles so hard I'm afraid it's going to fall off the cabinet! Just can't stand to spend $300 for a mixer though. I don't think Santa can see it either.
    Hope to see you before Christmas.
    xoxo to Kenny and the boys!