Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You’re never too old for…..


Saturday night we sat down at the dining room table amidst the deer and

poinsettias and proceeded to make glittered birds!  We had so much fun, just

like little kids!

These birds, started out as black with gold bodies…..that is, until we got ahold of them!




This next little group started out as olive colored birds…..funny how they change once they are all glittered!




Of course, there were 3 of us making them, sooooo….

nothing like a little competition…..vote for your favorite….

Each bird’s number is ABOVE their picture.

Let me know by leaving a comment or feel to e-mail me…I’ll let you know results on Thursday!


  1. Why, #3, of course! He has the best attitude & looks so assured! These birdies are great!!!

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  3. I like #6 the best...but they are all beautiful!

  4. Oh I love #5 the best, what fun!


  5. Definitely #2 for me! What fun you gals had!!

  6. Jacque and I agree ~ It's #2 for me, too! But ~ they're all beautiful!!

  7. number 3 - even though he/she got cheated and didn't get as many poses as the others!

  8. Hands down!!!!! #4. This little birdie looks so much like my "Lola". She's a blue crown conure and is currently living at my sons, since it is so chilly in Destin, FL.
    I need a little birdie like this to pretend she is still with me.

    All of them are simply gorgeous. What a terrific idea!

    Ahhhhhh......I see you did not make one crow-ish!!!!! Now Tammy, you need a little black crow on your tree!!!!! It's match my lamp!!!!!

  9. That's "It'd" match........is that a word? LOL

    #4 #4 #4

  10. I vote for number 4. If I had known what you meant when you said you were glittering birds when we talked on the phone, I would have been the number four person there! They're all beautiful!!!

  11. Tammy, how on earth did I miss these two posts. Sorry I didn't get to vote but I think that your pink bird is really girly and not burlesque at all. I like her.

    This must have been a hootin time for all three of you. JB