Friday, December 16, 2011

No clear winner

I think this is nice.  There was no clear winner in the bird contest.

Poor bird #1 got no votes….she’s a little sad, but she’s a bit of a “bordello” bird…..or at least that’s a “nice” way of saying what we dubbed this little bird. Yes, she’s a bit “whore-ish” looking and she was made by me Smile

Birdie number 2 got 2 votes and she was created by Kenny….yes, he’s quite creative!

Birdie number 3 also got 2 votes and was also created by Kenny.  Someone commented that this bird would have gotten more votes, but got a bit cheated because it only had one picture….perhaps that is true….it is a simple, but elegant bird.

Birdie number 4 also got 2 votes and was created by our friend, David….I think this is the most exotic little bird of the bunch!

Birdie number 5 also got 2 votes and was created by myself….personally, I like the pink beaded band around it’s neck…..yes, both of my birds had a touch of pink! Big surprise!

Birdie #6 got 1 vote and was the first bird that Kenny created….also another one of my favorites for it’s exotic look!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment and vote.

I do kind of like it that we didn’t have a clear winner….

….everyone sees beauty in a different way and that makes me smile!

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