Saturday, December 10, 2011

Being Positive

They say bad things come in “3”s………

First the bashed window in my car and my stolen purse…..

Then the pee stain on the floor…..

Then the other night someone ran into the back side of my car (no one was hurt, someone went to jail….it’s a long story!)…..

Yes, that’s “3”…..I’m done!


  1. Tammy ~
    I'm happy to hear that you reached #3 with no serious harm. Annoyance ~ yes, but nothing that can't be fixed or replaced.
    Merry Christmas.
    Hugs to ya' :)

  2. Wow, definitely things will turn around for the better now. But like Lauren least no one was hurt in these 3 misfortunes.


  3. Glad no one was hurt and I can assume the 'someone' who went to jail was not you!!!!!!!! I'm going to copy and re-read your posted mantra ~ very timely ~ thank you! And keep your head up ~ the best is yet to come!!!!! How did the floor stain problem work out?

  4. I know what you mean by bad things comes in 3. Thanks goodness no one was hurt. Here is to better days. JB

  5. Yup, stick a fork it in; you're done. Here's to the fun of the holidays; hip-hip-hooray! Karmen

  6. I also believe things comes in 3's. good to hear you are done. and you were not the one sent to jail.