Sunday, December 11, 2011

Have time to play around?

Then this might be for you.

You can upload a picture of yourself and it will match you with your homless dog double.

Meet Tammy's Doggelgänger.
doggelganger image
Studies have shown that some of the happiest dog and owner pairs share similar features, personality traits, even body types.
That's why The Pedigree Adoption Drive and NEC developed Doggelgänger; human to canine pairing software, designed to connect homeless dogs to their human doubles.
Simply upload your image and our state-of-the-art interspecies comparison software will analyse your features, then compare them with thousands of real dogs looking for adoption.
Help The Pedigree Adoption Drive find homes for dogs in need. Find your canine match with Doggelgänger, and put a smile on a face just like yours.

1 comment:

  1. Tammy..............I'm going to give this a try. Am sure a hairmonger like Charley will not come into play!!!!!! I have a round face, thinish hair.......and Charley looks like a full-on-MOP! LOL.

    BTW, your hair is the cutest I have ever seen it. DARLING!!!!!!! The color. The cut. Really the cutest!!!!!!! You look spectacular.