Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yes, you guessed it….

I know you’re going to find this surprising, but I’ve been in the glitter again!

This time I’ve been glittering some Christmas cards……

Start with a regular, cute Christmas card…..

Brush on a little glue or Mod Podge , where you want the glitter to be….

Sprinkle on glitter…..

Give it time to dry and then shake off the excess….


This is just ONE of the reasons that I gave up teaching rug hooking

and dyeing wool for sale on eBay and locally….now I also have time

to do things that bring “Joy to my World”……like THIS!

Hope you are making time in your holiday season to bring

a little joy to your own world!


  1. Gonna call you Glitter Girl! {grin} Love that you have time to have fun, now.

  2. It sure adds another dimension to your Christmas cards and having fun at the same time. JB

  3. As always I enjoyed your blog tho I might not often post a bad. You are always creative with your pictures, sharing and always upbeat!

    Hope you had a fantastic Christmas and have a healthy and happy new year too!!!!!