Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Chaos

Yesterday started out to be such a great day…….


shopping with Sheri

McSalty’s pizza

Then this….

Oh yeah, I was lying on the rug with Cleopatra and I started noticing

that horrible “pee” smell…..I rolled back the carpet and found THIS…..

huge stain on our newly refinished hardwood floor….dry as a bone….AARGH!

Also went to move the big lamp in front of the pink Christmas tree and heard a crackle

and an electrical smell….yup, now the lamp is torn up and I’ll have to find someone to fix that.

I did a little research on the floor stain and it says I can put hydrogen peroxide on the stain and it will lighten it up…in the process of trying that….we’ll see…..I also have the rug doused with some odor neutralizer……

Right now, the house is in a state of disarray…..Kenny has hauled boxes of decorations

down from the attic and last night the garland that you see wound up on the floor in front of Lonnie, was spread out all over the kitchen with needles dropping everywhere (Kenny cleaned that all up)….it’s now on the mantel in the front room awaiting further adornment.

It looks like we’ll be having a nature themed Christmas this year…..Kenny has brought home several miniature poinsettias, along with two large poinsettias as well as a poinsettia tree.

Yesterday, Sheri and I had been to Inspirational Home in Galloway Village and I found these

little hanging terrariums for the air plants Kenny had bought a few weeks ago, so he has those hanging up in the front window.

It’s beginning to look a little like Christmas!


  1. Hi Tammy - sorry about Cleo's accident - I do not have dogs but cats and I went thru a year and a half of cleaning up accidents of my sick kitty before we lost him - often ones I found later - I found a "recipe" on the net so I would mix up and just keep it in a sealed container and use when needed - You take a whole bottle of hydrogen perioxide (I bought the biggest one I could find), a few squirts of dishwashing detergent, and baking soda (i even added vinegar too - do not know if they helped or not) - and treat the areas - I would saturate the floor or furniture and then wipe down with clean water and let air dry. Honestly - took the cat urine smell away and even my dominent male Riley didn't go "overtop" to mark the territory (fixed or not they still do this! LOL) If I had something he pee'd on that was washable I would mix this up and wash with it - worked too - Hope this helps!

  2. Tammy ~
    Pet stains are no fun but it goes with the territory when owning a pet.
    Love the little hanging terrariums! So cute with the air plants.
    Oh, how I wish I had someone to help with the decorating (besides a 6 year old who wants to help with the tree!).
    Happy decorating :)

  3. Sorry that you are having all these little annoying accidents but but your home looks very warm and inviting for the Holidays.
    I've used vinegar and water for pee smell on my Stain Master carpet and it worked but my wooden floor didn't got stain so I never used the peroxide. I think that the pee got absorbed in the underlay under the carpet.

    Luckily I walked in the pee before it had a chance to start to smell strong. My cat got upset when the workers installed a cushion floor in my laundry room and kitchen. JB

  4. Been there!! Time to remind ourselves how much we love our animals, while sanding the floor. I love those little terrariums! I'll have to get down there to Galloway and check those out. Let's hook again soon. I need to have everyone over here, but it may have to be after Christmas.


  5. Tammy,
    Having had dogs for more than half my life, I am familiar with those "accidents" which seem to occur more frequently as our best friends get up in age. One reason I no longer have whole house carpet. Much easier to clean up laminate flooring.

    Love those little terrariums. What a find! Looks ike your holidays are very festive. I have a wreath on the door and a handhooked Santa doll that I bought off of eBay. That's all I plan for my decorating.