Sunday, June 12, 2011

No a/c

This is what happens when your a/c goes on the blink……..

The dogs are hotter than we are, so Kenny took them for a dip in

the pool yesterday afternoon.

Cleopatra is NOT a swimmer, so he lets her out at the edge of the pool.

Lonnie, however, is learning to swim this year.  Not so much learning to swim,

but learning where to get OUT of the pool.

Stay cool!

P.S. Since I wrote this post (I started writing it on Thursday), Kenny has bought me a window unit for

our bedroom….I love that man! Guess that’s why we’ve been married 16 years today.

Happy Anniversary to us!


  1. Loonie is so photogenic. Nice little video of Loonie swimming out of the pool. It's good that the dogs gets to use the pool too. JB

  2. Happy Anniverary to you and Kenny! Loved the pool pics and Lonnie did so good!

  3. Tammy,
    Your video is fantastic! I loved hearing your voices and seeing your life by the pool in action! Lonnie is adorable and probably isn't ready for the diving board yet LOL but it looks like maybe he enjoyed the swimming lesson just a little! WAY to cute!!
    Hope you get your AC soon and what a sweet guy that Kenny is!
    Cathy G

  4. Happy anniversary and may you and Kenny be blessed with many, many more!
    No need for a/c in Ohio today. We are at a whopping 62 degrees, cloudy and damp.