Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coloring outside the lines

This came in my e-mail this morning from the “Good News Network”

“Aelita Andre is a Russian abstract painter who has already been compared to Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Jackson Pollack -- and she is just four years old.

Her parents both paint as a hobby and from the start gave her all the canvas and tubes she needed to express to her heart's content. Anyone who watches the little girl paint can tell she loves to fling the colors and tell her own stories.

The surrealist painter had her first show when she was one year old and has another show in New York on June 4.”


My question, is this surrealism or accidentalism?  Either way, you can tell she enjoys herself and thank goodness her parents let her “go for it”!

Below is an interview when she was 24 months old!


  1. Wow, doesn't that makes you want to get some canvas and paint like Aelita? Thanks for sharing. JB

  2. It does make me want to paint something but.....I don't think this kid is a protege. Any two year old's paintings would look just like this! I've got a couple in my family! I'll take some canvases next time we're all together and see what they can do.
    Cleaning house. Can't paint now!
    Peace, Sheri

  3. She does have the freedom of a young child. But, I like "kid" art anyway. I do believe that the randomness of these paintings wouldn't be too challenging...but what do I know? She didn't seem to be debating what color to use, how much to squirt, or where she was placing paint. It is a lesson in letting go however! We could all use that!