Saturday, June 25, 2011

Garden walk-about

If I were a savvy blogger, I’d space these pictures out over

several days.  I think I took these 2 days ago and I’m just now

finding time to sit down and share them.

I feel so blessed to have this sanctuary in  my backyard.

Fortunate to be able to amble about the garden and take pictures

from different perspectives.

The water drops are not from rain…..Kenny spends hours watering.

The daylilies are spectacular right now!

This year, Kenny has added some chippy little pottery birds to one of the


The coneflowers are still my favorite….makes me think of party girls and

fun dresses!

This is the new herb garden outside our back door….Kenny

made the trough a few years ago….chives, spicy oregano,

Thai basil, cilantro, Vietnamese cilantro…….yum!

I’ve had a few people ask how much land we have…..we live in

an older neighborhood and we have an average sized back yard.

Much of it is taken up by the pool, a deck out back and a shed….other than

that, just about every available surface is planted with SOMETHING!

We do have a bit of grass and it takes about 5-8 minutes to push mow it….


  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful sanctuary garden. I don't think that you have too many pictures for one post. I love scrutinizing everyone of them. I love looking at all the beauty that people want to share.

    That picture of the frog under the cornflower umbrella is very clever. In fact I love anything that blooms or has nice foliage.

    It takes me about two hours to cut our lawn with a push gas lawn mower and then there're a piece in the back of our property that I used to mow but since we have a new sit on lawn mower, my husband gets the hired hand to cut it for me. Unfortunately, my husband is not a gardener.

  2. A garden to treasure, from every angle. Thanks so much for sharing the photos. You two are obviously both devoted to Mother Nature's special spots in your care.

    Thanks so much for sharing. The photography is amazing!

  3. Tammy ~
    Thank you for sharing. You took the most amazing pictures!!! What a treat to have such a sanctuary out your back door.
    How do you control the cleome and the gooseneck loosetrife? Those are two plants I love but will never have them in my gardens again. They just took over for me.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Hi, Tammy, I've enjoyed seeing these lovely photographs of plants and flowers that would never have a chance of survival here, in the hot zone of Southern California ... pure gorgeousness! Thanks for including Rancho Reubidoux in your blog roll ... always nice to see new readers! Reuben

  5. Tammy, you were asking if those were lupins in my garden. Yes they are. They are very easy to grow here in our cold climate. They self seed and can grow everywhere so I usually cut the seed head down to prevent them from spreading too much. I always miss a few though. JB