Friday, March 18, 2011

It’s all creative work

All of us are creative, but so many of us have stopped believing in our ability to create with ease, or even to express ourselves freely. Whether we paint or write poetry, plant a garden, take photographic images, design software, write music or run a business - it's all creative work. Indeed we are creating our very lives. So why do we often hesitate to express ourselves fully and create the lives we really want?

~ Cat Bennett

Sorry I’ve been away for a while…..trying to get myself in a good “head space”.  Working through my negatives with cardio, yoga and guided relaxation, so that I can get back to sharing the positives with ya’ll.  Don’t go getting all concerned about me….just work related stuff that has been dragging me down.



  1. take care of yourself, sounds like you are on the path to being better all around. Spring is in the air.

  2. It's funny...sometimes the end of the winter or a season change in general creates for us a natural time to need a recharge! Love the quote!

  3. You've got the right attitude with exercising, yoga and relaxation. Now that spring is here, ( well almost)... you'll be able to get some nice sunshine too to recharge your batteries.

    Have a great weekend. JB

  4. That is a great quote - I like the part that says "indeed we are creating our very lives." -- Sending positive vibes your way :) Blessings ~ Brenda
    p.s. Nice interior photo too! I like the red paint on that stool-- I still haven't hooked a stool top yet... someday!

  5. Tammy:
    Of all the people I know - you are the most calm - most together - and most patient person.......
    We know when you "get quiet", you are really working on yourself.
    You're another of those, really inspiring women.......
    Rest and get your head back on straight!
    Sending lots of quieting, positive vibes your way!!!!!!!
    It's your creative spirit, ready to burst forth again! :-)
    Love ya!