Monday, March 21, 2011

How sweet

are these?

(from “A Gift Wrapped Life”)

Perhaps make a few sachets with left-over linen, burlap or flour sack towels!


Oh yeah, that reminds me…..

for all you thrifty gals who can’t throw anything out….

deconstruct your burlap or linen when you have a little extra cut off the side of your rugs and use those linen and burlap strings to tie things with!


  1. That's a great idea ... Happy Spring Tammy and I bet that the dogs are happy about spring , so much to sniff on the way. JB

  2. These are adorable. Is it lavender in them? Jan

  3. Good idea! I have saved those pieces I've cut off my rug before binding-- now I know why!

  4. Great idea Tammy. Love the look of them and bet they smell so nice :)