Saturday, December 4, 2010


Kenny’s collection of antique Christmas tree stands


  1. Tammy ~
    I love Kenny's collection!!! The stand with the amaryllis bulb is very clever.
    I should be decorating instead of blog hopping :)

  2. Yes, love the tree stands! Very sculptural! Looks like Winter's answer to antique lawn sprinklers! Does Kenny collect those too? Becky

  3. I have simply GOT to get over to your place! All this decor changing is so exciting and I want to see it in person. Love the antique tree stands and the pink tree. Tell Kenny "Well done!"

  4. Great idea for candle holder. I would have never thought of that. Kenny should be working for a decorating magazine. JB

  5. spectacular!!!!!! love the amaryllis in the center!!!!!! absolutely spectacular!!!!
    i am curious ---- what does kenny do in his "real" life????
    man, does he have an acute eye for the decor! not to mention, we all have an "eye" for him. he's a cutie-patootie!!!!! (and yes, he's probably young enough to be my SON) i can still say he is cute!!!! i ain't dead!

  6. These are awesome ~ and they look stunning on your table! So fab!
    Joyfully yours ~ Katie

  7. Ter'e,
    In his "real" life, Kenny is a mail carrier, but I think he missed his calling as a decorator. I really need to get busy and take more pictures to post here on the blog!