Saturday, December 18, 2010

Geometric Hooked Rugs

I don’t know how many of you are on the auto-ship program with Rug Hooking Magazine, but I received a copy of “Geometric Hooked Rugs” about a week or so ago and now that I’ve found time to look through it, I’d have to say that this is one of the best books that they’ve put out in a while.

If you have ANY interest in hooking a geometric rug in the future, I think this is a must have for your rug hooking library!


I’m still working on my garden rugs….I have the second one ALMOST completely bound and the third one is about 1/2 hooked, but I think my next project my be a geometric.

Here are a few pictures I’ve culled from the internet for inspiration…..

I don’t think this would be considered geometric, but it’s just so odd and free-form that I’m drawn to it!


I think the best thing about geometric rugs, is that they look equally at home in traditional OR modern interiors.


Maybe I’ll start with something smaller, like a pillow….maybe something Pucci-esque like this….


or this….

I have hooked one geometric rug, which I gifted….I like how it turned out, but I got really bored hooking it…..

….but after working on the garden rugs for so, so long, I think I’m ready for a quick project like a pillow!


  1. Wow, great inspiration photos! I do think geometric designs are my favoriate.

  2. Your geometric rug is pretty much the coolest I've seen! Geometric, or abstract is my after Christmas project. Maybe we can get together and you can help me plan mine. Hope you guys have a fabulous holiday!

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog Tammy, It's has been a very busy couple of weeks for me and haven't been commenting much. Your geometric rug looks great and your fur friend seems to like it too. JB