Thursday, November 11, 2010


Kenny’s treasures from an afternoon of “junking”!

Yes, we have a “thing” for light up Christmas stuff…..what was your first guess?!

I really love this little Santa… he has a light up ornament in his hand….I think that will be replaced with a “bubble light”


Another light up Santa…..that makes a total of 3….


A Sandra Lee cookbook….already flipped through it and there is a recipe

for chili omelet…..I think that sounds delish!


A McCoy dish for a friend… the colors on it!


Oh yeah, did you notice the white spaghetti lamp and the orange spaghetti lamp….

those will probably end up in the sunroom with the rest of them


….however, they have started to migrate to other areas of our home…


  1. I love junking days. I always come home with something that I like. Looks like Kenny made some cool purchases. JB

  2. Kenny has the "eye" for the cool stuff for sure! What fun buys! Your sun room looks fabulous!
    Cathy g

  3. Tammy ~
    I think I have that identical little Santa. I love the light up ones, too!
    I didn't know those were called spaghetti lamps. Thanks for the tidbit of knowledge.
    Hugs :)