Monday, November 8, 2010

$198 at Anthropologie

Why pay for this when you could probably make one out of sweaters from your closet or thrift store?

I must say I like how they have left the buttons and pockets and necks on a lot of these sweaters.

Would you make one this fall to use this winter?!  I might!


  1. No Tammy, I wouldn't pay $198.00 plus taxes for that funky afghan. I presume it's an afghan but I must say it's original. Do you know if the sweaters are made of wool. Wool sweaters are very expensive. You might pay that much for a wool sweater. JB

  2. Nope, I would not either!
    But it is cool!

  3. As always ~ inspiration always comes to me as I visit your blog or am just around you! I love this idea ~ think of all the combos ~ how fun!!!