Friday, November 5, 2010

Mini stay-cay

I took a couple days off work to have an extended weekend.  Yesterday, Kenny was off as well, so we headed downtown and had lunch at the Springfield Brewing Company.

We were a little disappointed in our food…..just kind of ho-hum, (I had quesadilla and he had black bean pizza…..I think we’ve gotten to the point that we cook so much at home and can control exactly what we put in our food, that the last few times we’ve eaten out, we’ve been disappointed……does this make me a food snob?  However, I still get the hankering for the fish tacos from Purple Burrito….we should have had that instead) but the atmosphere is great…sitting in that old building surrounded by all the beer making equipment.

I also took Kenny by “Obelisk Home”. 

I went there for the first time last week with Sheri and I just love looking around in there.  I saw these chairs……LOVE….but they only come in this one fabric….which I wasn’t crazy about….however, Kenny loved the seashell mirror, but not the price….almost $4,000….but uber cool!

They also have these chairs that I love as well… the shape again, but would want a funkier fabric.

They already had the artwork displayed for tonight’s Art Walk….I especially loved this painting by Karen Schneider….this month’s artist.

Isn’t that an awesome tree?!

Kenny came back home and worked in the yard and I headed out for some retail therapy.  I got another one of these GelPro mats for our kitchen…..OMG, these things are “the bombe”!  You can’t tell the new one from the old one and we have had the other one for about a year….I’ve stood on it in spike heels and the dogs have been on it…..I’m telling you…they are great!  Anywho, I had saved up a bunch of “credits” on my Discover Card and cashed them in for Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards.  Kenny cashed in some points as well on his card, so the new mat was FREE!

Then I headed on over to TJ Maxx and Marshalls, because they are right next to BB&B and I ended up getting these boots that I just love, Love, LOVE!  Seems I’ve got a boot fetish this year!

I also found some pillows and a throw that I like, but I’m waiting on those…..just not sure and I wanted to check out what is new at Pier1 Imports before I make my final decision…(yes, I have a 20% off coupon for there)… just kills me to pay retail. (After hitting TJ Maxx and Marshalls I went in Borders Bookstore….ordered a latte and totally lost track of time while I was looking at decorating mags and all those wonderful mags by Stampington and Company…..of course I had to look through this one that had Dulcy’s handbags….

This newer one…yes, it’s prims, but all dolls…..

Thought I might get some good holiday ideas out of this one….but didn’t find anything that grabbed me…

Also, looked through this one here….I thought it did have a few great ideas….especially the Mason jars….to see inside click HERE.

I think this issue was my favorite….I love the embellished packets made from parchment paper and wax paper to put seeds in as gifts that is on the cover….

….I also liked these little peat pots covered with papers…

So, I guess you can see how you could totally lose track of time…….

Oh yeah, on the home front, Kenny also ordered some wallpaper for our entryway……grasscloth……I think it might be a week before it gets here.

On the creative front, I’ve also started knitting a bag….you know, the kind that has the long strap that you can sling across your body….just big enough for a camera, credit cards and lipstick……here’s what it looks like now……

It’s just a bunch of my wool “worms” tied together and then knitted… it will be about this size here…..

I just need to go on-line and look at this little tutorial about casting off…’s been quite a while since I’ve knitted….but I love the organic feel that it has.  I’ll keep you updated with the progress…

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  1. Tammy, the tour of the Brewery Company reminds me of the a tour of a Scotch Whisky Distillery when I was in Scotland. I love those shiny vats with their gauges

    That expensive shell mirror is absolutely gorgeous and probably could be imitated by attaching assorted shells and if I wanted it enough, I would try to make my own. I think it would actually be fun to make. I'm way too cheap to pay $4000. for it.

    I collect roosters in a non serious way but I just love this one on the table. Gorgeous to me.

    I never would have thought of knitting wool worms to make a purse. You are very creative. JB