Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rugs in Various states of progress

Wednesday night I went out to Ebay Renee’s to get together and hook……it seems that’s the only hooking I get done is when I’m going somewhere to SPECIFICALLY hook.

Renee had “build your own nachos” and Sheri from Shabby Sheep brought THE MOST DELICIOUS chocolate sheet cake……as I said at the end of the evening….if that were my last meal I would die a happy woman!

Here are a few of the rugs from Wednesday.

Renee finishes rugs for a friend, Kathy Waddlington, and these are a couple of her rugs.  I think Kathy only hooks BIG rugs! To get an idea of how big they are I had Renee sat down next to this one.

I love the combination of the burnt orange and the blues together!

Here is another of Kathy’s rugs waiting to be bound.

Here are pics of what WE have been working on.  I’m still trudging along on the last garden rug, but slowly making progress…

Renee is making good progress on her crow rug…..

Sheri has finished hooking her chairpad for Jimmie Dean….okay, I say she is done, but I think she is still TWEAKING it.

This was a great opportunity, since we were at Renee’s, to show you how a lot of us here finish our rugs.  We take them to Renee, and she serges around them for us.

First she draws an outline around the rug…..

Then serges it….

… it ends up like this……

…..then you can fold it foward and whip around it, or crochet around it or finish it however you’d like.

It’s a good thing….having a hooking buddy who’s basement is like craft-central!


  1. Great rugs you all .
    Sounds like a great time with great food.
    Love the little tutorial.

  2. Wonderful rugs - and how fun that she does the serging for you! Hate that part!

  3. It looks like you all had a great time & have some fabulous rugs! Too bad you live so far, I like the idea of a serged edge.

  4. Love that little chair pad for Jimmy Dean! Serging would really quicken the binding time! Great idea!

    Tammy, I think I have told you before but I must say again how I love those garden rugs! The colors are gorgeous! You are making nice progress.

    Sounds like the gathering was wonderful!

    Cathy G

  5. Tammy,
    Love how you finish your rugs. I wonder where is the best place to get the yarn for whipping? I have to use the Internet to find everything.

    The wool choices in your latest rug are so original. Can't wait to see all 3 together.

    Peace and happiness,

  6. The color choices in all of the rugs are beautiful. It must be nice to have a gathering like that near to your home. And a friend with a serger is great! I wish I could have had some of that cake too! Lucky you!

  7. Have to say again what a great time I had at Renee's. Mickey is already asking me to make another chocolate sheet cake. If I do, you guys will have to take more of it. Mickey ate so much he was sick one night..but still wants more!!!
    xo, Sheri

  8. Oh Tammy ~
    I am rug hooking vicariously through you ~ all of the rugs are sensational! XO Katie