Monday, July 12, 2010

Rug Hooking Blowout!

Okay, so listing all of my stuff is taking a lot more time than I planned…..not to mention that it started to storm yesterday evening, so I had to quit listing to comfort the dogs.  I got up early this morning and my computer didn’t want to connect to the internet, but it FINALLY did and I got a few more rug hooking magazines listed and I hope to list a few through the day and a LOT more tonight as well as some books, patterns and Townsend cutter blades.

Here is a link to what I have on eBay right now……ALL OF IT STARTING AT 99 cents!

Just click on the picture below.

No, I’m not quitting rug hooking…..just taking care of some overdue space clearing :)


  1. Awesome storm! *LOL* Last night was Neosho night at the Ball Park, so, I was there for the tornado that rudely interupted the ballgame!

  2. Wishing you big bids with your items! One thing I do when I list a bunch of ebay is write up the descripts in microsoft word and cut and paste the "normal" and then when i get in ebay - it's cut and paste into the auction listing for me it goes so much faster Just a thought