Thursday, July 1, 2010

I think I’ve found furniture!

I have been looking and looking and looking at furniture….then of course, Kenny goes and finds some things I just totally love!  It’s hard to find contemporary furniture in Springfield, MO, but Kenny found these at Missouri Furniture in Ozark, MO

Gotta have a leather sofa, because the dogs like to recline there during the day and fabric just does not hold up that well to them…..I know, it’s horrible to design your home around your dogs, but we’re dog people and we always will be… there!

Here’s the sofa I love…..

I like the clean lines and the wide side arms…..I think it’s kind of a “party sofa”….people can sit on the sofa or on the side arms….they are that wide.

I’m also digging this chair….again, love the shape and the little granite area to sit your drink!  Not necessarily in love with the orange… comes in several colors and prints.

Next is this chair… it! Such a funky and fun shape!

All of these pieces are from the Ty Pennington collection for Howard Miller.

I also got a name from my aunt of someone to get a quote from to refinish our hardwood floors…..hopefully the dust will be flying very soon!


  1. Truly love all the pieces. I think they are classic and will never go out of style. But the doggies won't really care about that now will they! Bet they'd love that sofa! Cathy G

  2. The funny thing is... that leather sofa works perfectly with that orange chair! It's a nice orange I think... kinda like being hugged by some sherbert! LOL!