Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back issues

Last night I listed the last of my back issues of “The Wool Street Journal”.  It was like a trip down memory lane looking through them and writing up the listings for eBay.

One thing I did notice is that (I think) there is an article by Karen Kahle in most every issue.  What a great way to see inside the mind of such a wonderful artist.

That got me to perusing her pictures on Flickr.  What a visual treat!

You get to see inspiring pictures like this one here.

(from Karen Kahle via Flickr)

Not only does she have an eye for color and composition in her rugs, but she also uses that same eye when she sets up her photos.  I find that SO inspiring!

When I see pictures like this it makes me feel like (just for a moment)  I’m a part of her creative world.

(from Karen Kahle via Flickr)

Go ahead immerse yourself! Click below


Need some of those back issues (many out of print) of Wool Street Journal?



  1. April,
    Yes, I'm doing so much overdue sphace clearing. I've realized that part of the reason I have such a hard time organizing my "hooking room" is because I simply have too much stuff. This week I'm clearing out my magazines. Next, I think, will be patterns and maybe some rugs.

  2. Tammy,
    Don't need any books but you know me and patterns!! Am also interested in which hooked rugs you plan to part with as I have a few favorites that would go well with my decor. Plus by having such a wonderfully hooked rug, I can study how you tackled a problem and it's almost like having a teacher.
    Oh would that I lived closer to your group. But I am stuck learning long distance.


  3. Hey Tammy...I have always enjoyed seeing Karen's work. Thanks!

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