Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What makes for a great hook-in

Great conversations

Hooking with lots of natural light

Demonstrations (Carolyn from Cricket Street Wool demonstrating how to add a braided border to penny rugs)

Lots of good food! (2 long counters and another table we had to set up to accommodate all the food everyone brought)

Works in progress

What makes for a great hook-in for you?


  1. Tammy,
    Thank you so much for posting pictures,especially of rugs!
    Since I couldn't go to the
    Boathouse, I was glad to see
    what I missed. Hope to see you

  2. Your hook in looked fabulous! So many beautiful pieces, and oh my, the food! What could anyone else ask for??

  3. Well... all those pics you just shared made me feel like I was at a good hook-in! :-) Would love to hook the rug in the first pic... I think it's an Emma design?

  4. Yes, it's an Emma Lou design...."Saltbox and Willows"....good eye! I loved how you could see just how BIG it was in this picture.

  5. This looks like it was a very fun event! Love the pics in progress.

  6. I think you pretty much covered everything, Tammy! Looks like a lot of fun for all...and what gorgeous rugs!!

  7. Wow! Excellent photo work! I love the close-up shots. Made me feel like I was right there in the action! The room with all the big windows must be awesome to hook in! More wonderful rugs (and food)! Cathy G

  8. I also love the close-up shots of everyone's hooking. It was just such a wonderful day!

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  10. Wow- what great rugs -- it looks like it was a fun day :)