Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from my home to yours!

The weeping cherry bloomed just in time! Isn’t it glorious?!

Here are a few Easter peeks inside my home.

Some people might find them tacky, but we love them….light up plastic holiday figures….if you look closely at the picture above you can see Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit in the window.

This little guy is in our kitchen

This is the newest addition….Kenny got her for me for Valentines Day…..I think she’s precious.

He also got me this darling Easter duck for Valentine’s day too….he’s just not your typical roses and candy kind of guy….thank goodness….he truly knows my heart!

The duck is standing on a rabbit/Eastery kind of rug that I hooked and prodded several years ago.  This is the first rug where I stepped away from the primitive color palette and started to strike out on my own…..brave enough to do your own thing.

I had a couple of my friends over to dye wool yesterday and I was hoping that a wool order would arrive while they were here…..I did get a package from our mail carrier, but it wasn’t wool….it was chocolate….even better!

This was from my husband’s friend Donna…..she is so crafty and always makes the cutest things!  What a nice surprise!

Well, that concludes the Easter tour… are a few pictures of my kitchen before the dyeing began…..I’ve accumlated a lot of dye “toys” over the years….it takes over the entire kitchen!  Can you tell?!


1. Cushing dyes

2. Pro Chem dyes

3.  Swatch books, dye books and latest issue of Rug Hooking Magazine

4.  Paper towels and Clorox Clean-up

5. Dye pots

6.  Really big dye pots

7.  Casserole pans for spot dyes and fantasy dyes

8. Electric tea kettle

9.  Glass measuring cups

I’ll have a picture of what I dyed tomorrow and in the mean-time you might keep watch on Dulcy’s blog….she was our photographer for yesterday’s dyeing fun!


  1. Love all of your Easter decorations! Very happy! Can't wait to see the dye results! Happy Easter to you!

  2. Happy Easter, Tammy! I love the prodded, rickracky edge on your rabbit rug -- and I love that weeping cherry. Our cherry trees won;t bloom here for another month . . we're still at the daffodil stage.

    Enjoy your day!


  3. Happy Easter - Love your decorations so cute - your rug is adorable too - perfect for this time of year!

  4. Tammy ~
    Your weeping cherry is gorgeous and I like your light up decorations. I don't have any for Easter, but I do have them for Christmas. That Easter duck from Kenny is WONDERFUL. Lucky you!
    Thanks for commenting and letting me know how wide to tear the wool strips. My rabbit on a sheep is not vintage, but I love it just the same.
    Can't wait to see your dye results!
    Happy Easter!
    Pug hugs :)