Monday, April 12, 2010


Sunday I got tired of my hair…..this “growing it out” business is for the birds!

(artwork by Bella Pilar)
…I got so frustrated that I gave myself bangs…

…..straight-across bangs….I got out my fabric scissors and cut them over the bathroom sink.  Do you do things like that…..just take things into your own hands?


  1. Tammy they're darling!!! YOU'RE darling!!! I think they look mighty sassy chica!! And yes... i have attacked my hair in frustration with my fabric scissors before! LOL!!

  2. love em' I'm a big bang bang girl myself! They look great!

  3. Love your bangs. I can't live without my own!

  4. Your bangs are adorable, just like you! AAhhhh, if only I had some hair to chop on. Those were the days! I remember once cutting some "bang hair" with fingernail clippers~just because it was hanging in my eyes and I had no scissors handy. Our hairdressers Love it when we do that...
    xo, Sheri

  5. Dorable, for sure. HAHA...Cher...Bang-Bang. LOL

  6. Let's just say that your taking the scissors to hand had far better results then mine did! Love your new doo, it looks good on you!