Sunday, April 11, 2010

Garden Adventures

Saturday, we headed to “Garden Adventures” in Nixa, MO.
We came back empty-handed, but there were lots of beautiful plants and trees and shrubs to look at.
I’ve found that I really love to photograph plants and flowers…..I think it’s the color combinations…..

Pansies are always a source of inspiration….I like how they range from red violet to blue violet and then they have that striking yellow in the middle.
I love these “black” pansies….

“Garden Adventures” is nestled in the hills….it’s a really beautiful spot.

Looking at plants and trees also reminds me that nature has so many odd ways of displaying color… this tree with the red branches……red twig maple?
They didn’t have a lot of geraniums, but the ones they did have were beautiful.

Enjoy the remaining weekend,
green me