Monday, April 26, 2010

So slow

I know you are probably getting so tired of seeing the same rug over and over….believe me, I know….it seems like the series of garden rugs are taking me forever to complete….this one especially …..I think it’s all of the color changing that I’m doing.  Hook 3-4 loops of one color and then change to another color….I like the effect that it’s having, but it just seems to go so slowly.

I’m thinking that after I finish this rug I’ll take a break and do something non-floral for in-between….I think I just need a break.  That is the thing, for me at least, when I work on a series of rugs or chairpads or what-have-you, I look at it as 1 big project…’s hard for me to celebrate being finished until they are ALL finished.

I’m getting closer to the end of this one….perhaps a couple more evenings or early mornings of hooking and I should be finite!

I’ve entered a group on Rug Hooking Daily


called the “Forest Secrets” challenge

the challenge for me will be not sharing what I’m working on with you here on the blog.  We are to be finished by the end of July….right now I don’t see that as a problem….I have a wonderful idea for a design in my head….now just to get it down on the linen and start hooking it!