Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter Wonderland

So yesterday, I put away Christmas…………but I did leave a little “winter” out on the table….

these were in the top of our Christmas tree, but I still wanted a little

“glittery fun”

around the house….I just couldn’t go cold turkey! Not that mother nature would allow that…..I woke up to this…..several inches of snow…..

just beautiful!

Any hoo….I digress. 

After putting away Christmas I headed to Borders for some coffee and perusing of magazines and I wound up so inspired!  I don’t know when I’ll get to actually


any of these things, but it’s nice to feel your creative juices flowing again.

Here are a few things I saw in magazines….yes, I took notes….that I think might have future possibilities.

While perusing through Somerset Home

I saw this bird house …..actually it’s a “mobile home” because it’s a purse.

(Mobile Home from Jen Lowe….click on picture to see more at her blog)

It made me wonder if I could hook a bird house, perhaps with a top that you could open up and store things in? Is that weird?  Could it be mixed media and have a glittered bird perched on a branch? 

(image from Martha Stewart…click on the pic for a glitter bird and branch tutorial)

I also saw a sewing machine cover and thought that might be another fun thing to hook in the future.  I’ve searched the net and can’t find a picture of the one I saw in the magazine, but here is one that was featured in another issue by Pam Garrison, who I believe, is from my area.  Her cover was created from a pillow case!  Okay, so maybe I won’t hook one….maybe I’ll stitch one!  Click on the picture to visit her blog.

They also had pincushions that looked like this.

Which got me to thinking…..could I make a pincushion out of a left-over cuff from a Pendleton shirt?


Why not?!

There was also a darling pillow made from a sweater.

Which reminded me of seeing this quite a while back.

I blogged about it HERE.  Which was on January 12th of last year….that must be when my mind gets creative….or wants to be creative. 

Again, digressing…..I’m thinking of making a Valentine pillow out of wool….cutting out a design and then putting a contrasting wool behind it and stitching around it.

So much wool, so little time!

Okay, so I didn’t mean for this to be such a long post, so I’ll stop for now and finish with the rest of my “creative possibility” ramblings tomorrow.

Rug Hooking Magazine….are you listening….give us challenges…have more “call for entries” ….post those entries and challenges on “The Welcome Mat”.

Watch us shine!

Go forth and be creative,



  1. I think your idea is as creative as you are. And using a venue like The Welcome Mat with its international coverage would help gain it a wider audience, although you continue to reign high up there on must-read-blogs.

    trisha in northern Florida where we expect 14 degrees tonight and 19 tomorrow.

  2. Hi, I found your blog this afternoon while looking for finishing instructions for rug punching. I was very happy to see you have a coonhound. We gave a coonhound puppy to our college age son this Christmas. I did enjoy visiting today and plan on stopping by again.

  3. Cute ideas! I still have to take the decorations off the tree. Not my favorite job!

  4. I like a little sparkle throughout the winter, too. And of course you can hook a bird house! can;t wait to see it.

    Happy New Year.