Sunday, January 17, 2010


So yesterday, I spent part of my day cleaning out my linen closet. OMG I knew I had WAY too much crap stuff in there, but I had no idea of just how much too much there was.

Of course, projects like these take me forever, because then I obsess over the best way to fold the towels and fold the sheets…..I mean, if I’m going to take the time to do this I want to do it RIGHT!

Are you curious of the best way ( maybe not the best way, but I found this worked for me)  to fold towels…….go HERE.

How to fold a fitted sheet so it doesn’t end up looking like a big wad! Go HERE.

My favorite tip I picked up was on storing your sheet sets wrapped in a pillow case from that set.  I love that idea!

So what happened to the left-overs and cast-offs? 

Some we saved to cover plants with when spring hits and then we get a frost. 

We saved 2 for the dogs.

A friend took the rest….recycling at it’s best. 

Do you have cast-off linens or towels? 

If so you can also donate them to an animal shelter.

Here are a few pictures of the dogs playing with their toys while I was trying to organize and fold.


  1. Tammy,
    I'm inspired by your organizational energy. I love the doggie stairs up to the bed!!!!

  2. Tony, Lonnie has no problem jumping on and off the bed, but Cleopatra has such short little legs that she needs the stairs....she loves them!

  3. Ughh folding fitted sheets - mine still look like a big lump even doing it the right way! Great feeling I bet to have your closet organized!

  4. you have steps up to the bed to help the dogs get up! we try to pretend Poppy isn't allowed on the bed. She knows the reality of that one!

  5. I found a great way that works for me with folding sheets. I do the top sheet in half and then in quarters, then I fold the fitted corners in each other and in quarters and then halved, pillow cases folded normal and then I fold the top sheet around the others and then they are all tucked together. Voila! done and all together!

  6. LOL Tammy! This was great! :) I foraged thru our linen closet a couple weeks ago - was blown away by how many sheet sets I had hung onto over the years that never get used! Sheesh. Got rid of probably 10 -12 sets! Closet looks awesome now - EXCEPT my blobs of fitted sheets! I even searched trying to find the "right" way to do it, and came up empty handed! Of course Martha had it!! You're my hero!! Now I gotta run and try this folding technique!! xoxo