Monday, January 4, 2010

More Inspirations & Snow pics

I can’t believe I took so many notes and little drawings on one little “post it” note!

Here are more things I saw and thought about while I was at Borders on Saturday.

In another article from Somerset Life they had jars covered with antique hankies….so pretty and sweet and simple.

What about doing the same thing with beautiful pieces of wool?  Kind of a resting place for your wool to keep you inspired and hold your hooks or markers or worms?

Read the tutorial HERE.  Easy- peasy huh?

I also saw a clothespin holder that was put over the stretcher bar of a wooden hanger….similar to this, but it looked cuter over the wooden hanger rather than a plastic hanger, but I think you get the idea…..could you hook something like this?

Here is an idea that I’ve actually ran with and made a table runner by knitting my wool worms together, but a scarf with some beading would be good too!

Okay, so now I’m thinking I need to be a little less talk and a lot more action….talking and writing about all of these things is not getting very much done for me, huh?

Here are some pictures from yesterday’s snowy day.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.


  1. Great idea's Tammy. Next year for the tree I am used clear glass balls filled with my wool snippets and pieces of quilting threads. No reason to throw them away.

  2. Tammy.....saw that Sommerset at Katie's the other day. Went home and covered a jar with an antique hanky I had acquired at the flea market. Tied with a ribbon and adorned with a string of pearls hanging out. When I was little, our favorite parent gift was to cover an empty can with paper to hold pencils and pens in. At the time, we thought we were very clever (and had never heard of recycling!).