Sunday, October 11, 2009

Slow and Steady or Binge

Confessions of a rug hooker:

I’ve tried the “hooking 10 minutes a day” and for ME, it’s just not working……I think I’m a “binge” hooker! Sounds like an episode for Dr. Phil

I have a hard time getting out my hooking to just hook for 10 minutes….I wish I would make myself carve out a “dedicated” hooking spot in my house, but  my husband I just don’t like my hooking stuff “sitting out”.  When I’m done it goes back to the hooking room. dragging it from one end of the house to the other

So, you say, why don’t you just hook in your hooking room?

Have you seen my hooking room?! Holy crap!  There’s no way I could post a picture!  I worked on it yesterday for a few hours, a lot of that I just stood there looking at stuff…just standing and looking….is there a word for that…when you have so much stuff that looking at it overwhelms you? paralyzes you? trying to make a “place” for everything, but I think it still has a ways to go. 

I’ve got most all of the wool put away, now I’m just trying to clear the clutter off of the bed that is in that room…..I’d love to be able to sit back on the bed and hook….will work on it some more today. some more….reminds me of s’mores…now I”m getting hungry.

However,  on those days when I can make time to hook, I drag my stuff into the living room and just sit and hook and drink coffee for most of the day. Why does that make me feel guilty? Hooking and watching “Lifetime TV” or “HGTV” or “FoodTV”…..heaven forbid there is a marathon of some sort of reality TV on….I could hook and watch that ALL DAY LONG!

I’m looking forward to colder weather and having days to hunker down and really BINGE hook.

In all honesty, to be a “10 minute hooker” you just have to do something hooking related for 10 minutes a day……yeah, I think I still qualify. I hate to get kicked out of the “in” group….I really like you guys in the “10 minute rug hookers…you give me hope, you inspire me!

So, are you “slow and steady” or “a binger”?


  1. I've been binging everyday for weeks now getting ready for the Sheep & Wool Festival! Tammy: I want to see a picture of your hooking room! If you post one of yours, I'll post one of mine -- with no cleaning before hand!

    And here's my secret for staying put so I'll get a lot of hooking done: I watch stuff on my laptop. I don't have a tv in the studio, so I watch online. I either get series from Netlix (try The Wire, Deadwood, and Weeds -- they'll keep you glued to your hooking seat) or I watch streaming stuff room the networks. Books on Tape are great,too!

    Have fun hooking!


  2. ROFL!!! Tammy you crack me up!! Oh i am definitely a binge hooker! No doubt about that. LOL And the room... yah.. we could share the same genes. That "holy crap where am i going to put all this stuff" comment is what i say to myself EVERY time i walk into my room (with a purpose and therefore have to ignore it for another day lol)
    It's a sickness. And the fact that we sell wool... it's not just OUR stuff we have to control and manage!! It's all the other stuff too!
    *snort* and the little bit of rosanna rosanna danna showing in your post... i wont say a word! LOLOLOL

  3. I also suffer the burden of not being "encourgaged" (see how polite that was!) to leave my hooking stuff out where it is convenience. Someday I'm going to have a hooking room - JUST FOR ME - with a giant TV and a snack station! LOL

  4. Oh my gosh--you crack me up! I'm sure you have a secret hotline to my housebecause this is exactly what I go through every day. I too struggle with the 10 minutes a day--but really, really, really want to be part of the in crowd for once. Oh well, didn't happen in high school and guess it won't happen with this either!

  5. Tammy, You crack me up too! I don't think you've seen it yet, but I do have a straightened up hooking room with a huge TV, loveseat and wingback chair. I even moved my Ott light in there. Problem is....I don't want to be in there all alone at the back of the house to hook! And I, like you, don't like to leave it out. So I drag it all in to the living room so I can have some company. I really thought I was going to use that room!!! Now I wish I hadn't taken my floor lamp in there. Too much trouble to move it back and forth! Will we never be happy? So all of you girls, don't feel bad about your messy rooms. At least it gives you something to do and think about! Being all tidy and organized isn't really all it's cracked up to be!!!

  6. Your too funny Tammy.
    Binge hooker here. My little extra bedroom contains all my "stuff" and the door is kept closed, with me inside. New puppy who loves wool worms keeps me sequestered. So you can imagine with hooking and quilting in the same little bedroom plus my computer I have become quite the pilot. Pilot her and pilot it there.

  7. Binge hooker...all the way. And I have no desire to sit by myself when I hook. So although I've taken over the "guest" bedroom for my hooking stuff, my stand, frame and current project are in the living room. And there it stays!!! Now the only problem is to agree with the husband on what to watch on TV!

  8. Tammy ~
    Too funny! I guess I'm in the minority here. I'd love to be a binge hooker, but I'm lucky to find 10 minutes a day to hook. Before the 10 minute challenge, I thought it wasn't worth sitting down to hook unless I had at least a half hour ~ so I'd only hook a few days a week. Now I make myself find 10 minutes a day and can usually stretch that to 15 or 20. I live alone, so when I am home, I am holed up in my computer/craft room. It really makes it so much easier when the hooking is out and readily available. I'm a very slow hooker, so every few minutes helps.
    Thanks for making me smile on this cold Ohio morn ~ and I'm not a cold weather lover like you!
    Pug hugs :)

  9. Definitely a binger - and I getting ready to binge big time!!! Love ya gal!