Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I really should be out taking a long walk,

(painting by J. Holland Berkley)but it’s still a little gloomy this morning. Just the kind of perfect weather to stay inside a bit longer with my coffee and chocolate milk concoction and dabble with my blog instead.

I always get up and feel like a have a to-do list that is a mile long….

  • drop off stone sample and order stone
  • sweep off front porch of all those beautiful leaves that have started floating down from the trees
  • clean dog smile smudges from the front door glass
  • list more “stuff” on eBay
  • do the “never ending” laundry
  • go to the grocery to put together items for tonight’s supper, I’m thinking catfish and coleslaw and these beautiful apple/ricotta tarts!
  • changing out the clothes in my closet to go with the season we are in

Instead, here I sit, snuggled up in Kenny’s plaid robe, drinking coffee and blogging.

Happy with the fact that yesterday I got Cleopatra’s rug bound.

(pattern from Nola Hooks)

Happy that the slate is all in…..we have chairs in front of it now to keep the dogs off of it (yes, Lonnie could easily jump over the chairs, but one thing about him….he’s like Velcro…he has no interest in being in there unless we are) …they are coming back Thursday night to grout it, then I suppose by Saturday or Sunday I can clean it with vinegar and water and then seal it… hopefully by this time next week all of the furniture will be moved back in and we’ll be “living” in the den again.

Hopefully, we’ll find a light fixture or ceiling fan that we like, so we can get rid of the “bare bulb” look :)

Also, happy to have spent yesterday evening hooking with the girls at Simply Fibers. Here are some “over the shoulder” pics of what everyone is working on.

So I guess I’m really just sitting here and reveling in my happiness for a bit before I start the day……I think that’s a good thing….reveling….


  1. Funny, I use the chair/door barricade trick for Millie too. She is small enough (4 pounds) to run right through it but she hasn't figured that out. Or maybe she just respects the barricade. That coffee/chocolate milk thing sounds yummy.

  2. Love your floor! Just beautiful. And Cleopatra's rug is so colorful and happy. Love it! Enjoy your blogging, everything else will "still" be there when you are finished!

  3. Love your floor and Cleopatra's rug. Enjoy your morning--no matter what, work is always there.

  4. Cleopatra looks great!! And nice rugs being done at your hook-in! Your slate floor looks great, too ~ doesn't that kind of project seem to take forever??