Thursday, October 15, 2009

Coming together

….but still not done.

I’m really excited to post these pictures of the cube footstool that I started with Kim Nixon at Rugs on the Rocks this summer.

If you follow my blog, you know I started this back in August.

Last night some of us got together to hook and I worked on the assemblage of the footstool.

I was able to get this side sewn up

….and then this side

and part-way up the third side

So, really, just a side and a half to go! I’m doing the sewing with dental floss….I had never really thought about how strong it is!

Want to make your own footstool? Visit Kim Nixon’s website Under the Rug.

Oh yeah, here’s the top…..I hope to get to work on side three tonight and then side 4 with Patti on Saturday…..side 4 might be the hard side….we’ll see!!


  1. That footstool is way too cool - i so wanted to go and take her class too - just wasn't in the cards this year! Bet it's even better in person!

  2. Gorgeous George footstool!!! The construction looks hard ~ but it really looks like it's worth the effort!!!

  3. Ohh-it's lovely. I love the colors.
    As for the strength of dental floss--a long time ago a dental tech. told me that she used dental floss to give her a little scrunch of room when her pants got too tight! Double it, put it throught he button hole and then wrap it around the button. If it can hold a stomach in-it can hold anything!!!

  4. Absolutely stunning! And what fabulous, rich colours!

    jill in Ontario

  5. Tammy, Your footstool is beautiful, bright and cheerful...Just Like You!

  6. Oh my!!! Now we're talk'n! This is absolutely stunning! You really need to get it published when done. I better not let Jim see this, or he's going to want to know when he gets one (not kidding).

  7. Oh my! What a great foot stool! fun and bright and beautifully hooked!
    Maybe someday I will tackle one!

  8. Tammy, this is so awesome! Looks kind of hard all the colors.

  9. I have fallen in love with Kim's stools. How did you get a hold of her..there seems to be no response from her website, Under the Rug.

    Your stool is a work of art and is screaming with mojo.

    Lisa Raycraft