Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What's up?

Just realized that I hadn't updated my blog in a's been busy around here. We've got the pool liner all in and the water in and the water is nice and warmed up, but not too warm....just right....inviting! Here are some pics of the pool after they removed the liner...

...pretty gross huh? They took out the liner and then they left for several hours while the moss dried out...the pool guys said it was really slick, like walking on glass....or slime. Ever stepped on a wet mossy rock? Yup, slick! Here is the pool after the liner has been installed and filled up with water fresh and bright....lovin' it!

This year Kenny added all of these potted plants around the pool in what we call the “mixing bowl” pots…they are really bright and colorful…which kind of goes with our “theme” this year.

Later today, the pool guys are coming back to fix one small problem….part of the liner has come out of it’s track…not sure when this happened, but they are coming out today to rectify it.

Since I haven’t blogged in a while here are a few pics of the garden…it’s so beautiful and wild right now….the daylilies are spectacular!

And here is the lounging/hanging out area of the pool.

All of these potted plants line the steps….I love to relax in the lounge chair next to it….it’s fairly shaded and since I’m blonde and fair…this is a good spot for me.

I thought the palm tree was especially

pretty this morning with the light hitting it.

A little collection of cactus and other plants in the corner.

Over the 4th I also painted my front porch and we hung up some new curtain/shades in the lodge room….will share more pictures as time allows.

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