Thursday, July 23, 2009

Have I lost my mind?

Yesterday, after buying the two rugs I posted about, I got on a roll and purchased two more!

However, these are in really bad shape!  This first one I acquired for $25. It is 2’5” x 3’8”.

I’m considering this as my next step in my rug hooking education……Restoration 202.

I’ve dyed wool and repaired some of my own rugs (Restoration 101) that have had loops pulled out, but nothing like this!

Pretty sad huh?  I just couldn’t help myself…..I’m hoping there is some old rug hooker up in the sky who will give me the will and determination to go through with this.

This next rug is in great shape compared to the previous one. The braided border put me over the edge! I’ve learned to braid, but it’s not easy… least not for me!

I acquired this one for $40. It is 2’7” x 3’3”.  Really in pretty good shape, but the middle of it is kind of chewed up.

I think it will be a great challenge to try and match the wools and decide what was in the middle of the rug above…..plain….another flower?

Today I’ve been perusing the net looking for information on rug restoration. Here are some links that I’ve found helpful.

J. Conner Hooked Rugs

Burlap & Wool Hooked Rug Repair

I’ll post more on these rugs as they arrive at my house!

If you have restored a rug, I’d love to hear from you with any tips or pointers you might have.


  1. Nice pieces Tammy!. You don't need anyone to give you the will and determination to go through it. You already bought them! I know you have it in you to do a good job!! Let us see them when you are finished.

  2. Tammy, you will do a great job because you love them so much. Let us know how you are doing on them.

  3. Oh Tammy! They are beautiful...someones Grandma amde those rugs! I love old things like that! I know NOTHING about how t restore them, but I know someone who does! Nola Heidbreder in St Louis does repair on old rugs...her sight is

    Good Luck! Keep us posted on how the process goes!

    Love and light,

  4. It's going to be interesting to watch you extend your education and learn restoration. And the rest of us can learn as you post about it here! Good luck to you and I hope the rugs arrive promptly. I feel kind of sorry for those rugs and hope that those people who end up with the rugs we're making take better care of them so they live on through many generations.

  5. Great idea Tammy....Can't wait to see them up at the shop!