Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh my

What have I gotten myself into?

My other two antique rugs arrived in the mail on Wednesday as well and when I got home to open the package last night I was a bit aghast.

I really like both of the rugs I purchased, but the old mothball/mildew smell is really quite awful!

So, last night I hung both of them outside for some airing out and I’m leaving them outside today while I’m at work….hoping to get rid of some of that “old” smell that they have.

I’ve also been perusing the net trying to find out the best way to clean these rugs…..I feel that they are too fragile to be put in the washer.

I think my plan is to take the one in the worst shape and try to vacuum it as best I can and then put it in the tub to soak. It has really muted colors, so I don’t think I will have to worry about colors bleeding on this one…, it’s in such bad shape that I feel that it really can’t get any worse than it already is.

However, I’m getting ready to go on vacation, so in the meantime I need to find somewhere to store these rugs. I wouldn’t dare put them in my rug room as they are sooooo dirty. The attic might be too hot…will have to think this one over for a bit.

If there is anyone out there reading this blog who knows much about rug restoration I would love to bend your ear.

Kenny thinks I may as well just have thrown my money in the trash on these rugs… one point I thought maybe he was right, but this is really something I would like to explore….restoring antique rugs.

I like to think of the challenge of cleaning them, dyeing wool to match, patching, hooking, etc.  Giving them a second live. I know these rugs will never be destined for the floor again, so perhaps I will also explore mounting…..if only I can get them clean and smelling nice (okay….just NOT smelling of old).

Cleopatra seemed to enjoy the rug that was in the worst shape of all.

Here is a picture of the center of the rose rug….pretty bad, huh? I know that it looks like there is burlap behind it, but it has been backed with another piece of burlap…..we’ll see and I’ll try to document in pictures what I do on my journey to bring these rugs back to life.

Click on the picture below to see it super-sized…no calories!

Go forth and be creative,


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  1. Why I commend you on taking in these poor old rugs, bringing them back to life, and giving them a good home. Sort of like stray pets! Sometimes when I'm perusing flea markets, especially junky ones, I feel sort of sorry for all the caste off items laying about. I imagine their original owners aren't "with us" anymore, and they have lost their home. Oh, oh.....I think that kind of thinking goes along with old age. Better quit before I start to cry, and get back to filling in the background of my bag. I'm so excited that you and the girls are going to have this wonderful trip and hooking experience!
    Can't wait to see pics., rugs, and hear all the exciting stories your going to bring back with you!